Others write about me

In order to preserve confidentiality I am mostly not repeating , in the first section below, anyone’s exact words, but I print below some of the types of comments I have had. The first two comments are from people who said I could put their exact words onto this site.

About individual work:

‘Having worked with you for over two years, I have the greatest respect for your unfailing presence, your professionalism, your focus, your understanding and your abilities as a therapist.’
PB, IT instructor, West Yorkshire

‘When I first started to see Richard, the previous few years had been difficult on a number of levels and had taken their toll on my mental wellbeing, both professionally and personally. I found myself exhausted, incredibly anxious and unable to see a future plan for myself. I was lost.

Addressing the issues I faced was not an easy decision for me, and I consistently found the sessions a challenge. Richard doesn’t so much give you the answers, rather he leads you down a path were you can discover the answers yourself. He makes you think, deeper. For me, it was about realising who I am and why I act the way I do, assuming responsibility for my mental wellbeing and addressing certain issues with the people closest to me.

I would whole-heartedly recommended Richard. Six months after my first session, I find myself in a much more positive frame of mind, and armed with the awareness to deal with my issues going forward.’
P.H., IT professional, Leeds

‘If I hadn’t seen you, all of the final year at college would have been wasted.’

‘This has helped me realise it wasn’t all my fault.’

‘Since those few sessions with you I have come more out of my shell, and got married!’

‘I know myself so much better now.’

‘I wish I could have seen you for longer, but I feel like I’m on the right path now.’

‘Just the one session helped me make some important decisions.’

‘I am amazed at how you have understood me: I feel more understood by you than by anyone else.’


Feedback from confidence-building courses

“I found the whole course to be very effective, especially the work on presentation techniques.”
P.S., Leeds.

”A great opportunity to look at situations from another perspective and practice doing things differently. It was good to meet people facing similiar issues and explore in greater depth my own.”
Course participant, Leeds.


About the co-counselling courses :
(NB. Co-counselling is very different to professional counselling. See www.co-counselling.co.uk )

‘This weekend has changed my life’

”You were an easy going facilitator that enabled me to feel at ease throughout the training. Your sense of humor allowed me to bring clarity and focus to the issues I found most challenging. For this I am most grateful.” C.C., Leeds.

‘I appreciated the energy and authenticity the trainers brought to the course’

‘Inspiring and liberating. I also enjoyed the variety of activities and teaching methods.’

‘I appreciated the creation of such a safe atmosphere.’

‘The course has given me hope that I can discover my potential.’

‘I thought Elisabeth and Richard made a good team – skilled and sensitive facilitation.’

‘A well planned, well facilitated and balanced course – it was also great fun.’


Feedback from people within the co-counselling network
(NB. The CCI co-counselling network is very differnt to professional counselling.
See The co-counselling network )

‘Brilliant facilitator…Thank you.’

‘I appreciate the care you put into the ‘Here and Now ’ facilitation. Thank you.’

‘… The group responded magnificently to your masterly facilitation so that a wide range of distress was exposed and worked on. I left…in touch with my true self…’

‘I appreciate the creativity and thought you put into your workshops.’

‘Thanks for…contributing so much, with your workshops. You enriched my weekend.’

‘Challenging and stimulating but always dependable. Safe guy.’

‘Thanks for your workshops…I feel inspired by you.’

‘You expose reality in a way that is illuminating for me. Thank you.’

‘I like your clarity and directness…the caring in your facilitation.’

‘I am encouraged by your courage, honesty and integrity.’

‘You are a wise, astute, sensitive and warm man.’

‘Thanks for the challenges.’

‘Your facilitation of your Celebration workshop was brilliant. I appreciate your support.’