My experience

After working in industrial export sales and then in the music industry, I started counselling in late 1992. I have worked at Burley Counselling Service, often with people referred by their GP, at Leeds Metropolitan University as a Student Counsellor, as a Divorce and Separation Counsellor, and privately. I have also worked in conflict resolution as a mediator for Leeds Family Mediation Service. From June 2001 I worked for two years in the NHS as counsellor in primary care, and I now continue working in private practice in Leeds.

I have taught a number of co-counselling personal development courses in the Leeds area. Within the Co-Counselling International network┬áI have led many workshops on a variety of topics (eg death, loss, choosing, rejection, men’s groups, eating and feeding, here-and-now processes, psychodrama, unfinished family issues, creating community and using masks).