‘Know Yourself’ Co-Counselling Course

Unlock your potential! … Be more authentic! The aim of this course is to help you raise self-confidence, self-esteem and your ability to grasp life fully, helping you live autonomously, creatively and in touch with your emotions. Co-counselling challenges the view that some feelings are taboo and that you should not have them. It can help you come to terms with your past and your present, so that difficult feelings have less of a grip on you.
Two weekends to change your life! 

This powerful course is an integrated and therapeutic experience in its own right: even if you decide not to do any co-counselling after the course, the five days will give you a space to experience and confront yourself within a therapeutic and supportive group setting. Co-counselling draws from Gestalt, process oriented psychology (POP), psychodynamic, psychodrama, and coaching approaches.

A wider network 
After the course… you may choose to use co-counselling skills with a co-counselling partner or in a group. Successful completion of the course gives you the option of accessing the CCI (Co-Counselling International) network and its workshops: for over 40 years CCI residential workshops have provided its participants with a unique and liberating space to grow, play, interact and to face themselves. CCI personal growth is:
• Self-directed – you decide!
• Peer-to-peer
• 40 years old
• Fun
• Free (once you’re done the course)

’Fantastic end to our CCI Core Training with Richard Mills and eight other lovely trainees in Leeds at the weekend. I had my reservations beforehand but with practice and the guidance of Richard, and the support and sharing of my fellow co-counselling beginners, I experienced wonderful soul-touching moments. I think it is a rare and remarkable co-operative and supportive method and look forward with excitement and anticipation to further adventures of the self in the company of warm hearted and caring individuals. Thanks again Richard.’

Martin Davies, Leeds, 2012

CCI Co-counselling is: 
• Not like ‘normal counselling’
• Not aimed at counsellors – it’s for anyone
• Respectful of each individual’s wishes: everything is optional – no one pushes you into anything you don’t want to do
See what others say Go to www.youtube.com and type in ‘co-counselling’ to hear from others how this has helped them.
Course structure The course is two weekends:  If you want to join the CCI network you have to complete the whole course.


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