Know Yourself!: CCI Core Training

If you want to learn to:

  • Realise your creative potential
  • Grow your confidence
  • Deal with stress
  • Handle your emotions
  • Assert yourself

I invite you to participate in this well established course:  it should help you to:

  • Develop assertiveness and self-confidence
  • live with more awareness of how and why your emotions (e.g. anger, grief, sadness, jealousy, envy, joy)
    impact on you and lead you to do what you do in the world
  • enrich your relationships

I am convinced that we make a more productive life if we get to know and then connect up these three areas of ourselves:

EMOTIONS – – – – – – – THOUGHTS – – – – – – BEHAVIOURS- – – – – – – EMOTIONS- – – – – – –

The method we use on the course addresses this.
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I am sure that it will be a memorable experience should you enrol.

I first got into co-counselling in 1992. It made a big impact on me, particularly in helping me get in touch with feelings that I had hidden away, either because they were painful, or else there was a sense that I should not have them. For example, is it allowed to feel joy, envy, jealousy, anger, grief, shame? I think that if I can be in touch with these (if they are there) then I am less likely to act in a kind of out-of-control way, which may be destructive to me, others, or our relationships. I can then be more creative and autonomous.

All of the information below, and more, is on the website

No one will counsel you!  Co-counselling is a 40-year-old method of self-help therapy for ordinary people to help each other after they have learned the well-defined skills on this course.  But it goes beyond ‘just listening’.   See the website to find out more.

Watch the videos via and hear from others how this has helped them.
Also on the same site, read about people’s experiences on my courses, or read other peoples’ personal stories.

If you like, come and experience a bit of this before you decide to enrol. Details of taster sessions are at

Co-Counselling International (CCI)
Successful completion of the course allows you the option of accessing the local, national and international network of CCI events, which offer a wonderful space for self-development.  You can also meet up with other co-counsellors on the list and do sessions, if you wish.

About Co-counselling
Co-counselling is a peer-based therapeutic system based on mutual exchange and using a variety of tools: it draws from Gestalt, process oriented psychology (POP), psychodynamic, humanistic, bodywork, psychodrama and cognitive approaches. It aims to help us live autonomously, creatively and in touch with our emotions, experiencing the hidden parts of ourselves. It challenges the view that some feelings are taboo and that we should not have them.

The course aims to be an integrated and therapeutic experience in its own right. You may choose to:

  1. Utilise co-counselling skills after the course with a co-counselling partner or in a group
  2. Access the local, national or international CCI (Co-Counselling International) network of workshops, or
  3. You may choose simply to take away with you your experience of and learning from the course.

CCI is a network rich in opportunity to pursue personal development at your own pace.

DATES: Know Yourself!: CCI Core Training


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The course is non-residential.


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‘Fantastic end to our CCI co-counselling course with Richard Mills and eight other lovely trainees in Leeds at the weekend. I had my reservations beforehand but with practice and the guidance of Richard, and the support and sharing of my fellow co-counselling beginners, I experienced wonderful soul-touching moments. I think it is a rare and remarkable co-operative and supportive method and look forward with excitement and anticipation to further adventures of the self in the company of warm hearted and caring individuals. Thanks again Richard.’
Martin Davies, Leeds, 2012

“Completing the Know Yourself! CCI co-counselling course over the past few weeks has significantly improved my self-confidence.  Richard Mills delivered ‘easy to digest’ tutorials to the group with a combination of vitality and calmness.  There was plenty of opportunity for participants to practice the various CCI techniques and ask questions.  I met a lot of great people on the course and I look forward to seeing them again in the future.”
Sarah, Leeds, 2012

‘All 5 days of the co-counselling course were thoroughly engaging (!). Richard’s playfulness and open mindedness made me realise that working through issues (stuff) doesn’t have to be depressing or frightening. There was lots of gaiety brought about through playing games. I feel that the course allowed me to greatly improve emotional fluidity and learn techniques that I can apply independently thereafter, so in a way the benefits are still to come (!) depending on how I use the tool… tbc’
Joanna Klopotek, Leeds, 2012

‘…powerful, challenging and exciting… an excellent and inspirational
facilitator.’   – Rosalind Ashling, Perth, February 2010

‘…a good balance of fun and deeper issues.’
– Nicky, Leeds, 2010

‘I always look forward to being in a workshop where Richard is present.’
– Stephen Gillingham, 2009

‘…sensitive observation, precise communication, warmth and humour.’
– Alan Carver, Leeds, 2009

‘…he also had us laughing and celebrating what’s good about ourselves.’
– Tracy Shippey, York, 2009

‘…perceptive facilitation’   – Fiona Larsen, Reading, 2009

‘Richard is a sensitive and aware facilitator.’   – Kathryn, Hamburg, 2009

‘…continued invitations, both spoken and implicit, to be and become more
fully myself.’   – Dom Hooper, 2009

‘This weekend has changed my life’

‘I appreciated the energy and authenticity the trainers brought to the course’

‘Inspiring and liberating. I also enjoyed the variety of activities and teaching methods.’

‘I appreciated the creation of such a safe atmosphere.’

‘The course has given me hope that I can discover my potential.’

‘Skilled and sensitive facilitation.’

‘A well planned, well facilitated and balanced course – it was also great fun.’

Co-counselling is different to ordinary counselling
Feedback from co-counsellors in Co-Counselling International

The comments below are from CCI co-counsellors talking about the benefits of being in the CCI co-counselling network.

‘Having done my ‘Fundamentals of Co-Counselling’ course, I’ve been able to share myself with people, within the Co-Co community, many of whom have become friends. My life is richer since I became a Co-Counsellor’
(Alan Carver)

‘I attended my first co-counselling fundamentals at a time when I was deeply unhappy and seriously considering suicide. A friend said ‘Try this instead, you just might find it works’. I wasn’t keen, but felt I had nothing to lose — two weekends aren’t that huge a commitment. The course blew me away. I had more fun than I’d had in the previous fifteen years. It was also an emotional rollercoaster, there was joy terror anger fear grief. I’d had no idea all this had been boiling inside me, and I dropped out of co-counselling almost at once because I needed the space to suss out what had happened to me and decide for myself what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. So for starters the course DID mean there would be a ‘rest of my life’ …. A year later the same co-co teacher phoned me to say she was offering another course. It was just the right moment. I joined the new course, and not that long after trained to become a co-counselling teacher. I still teach co-counselling today, with enthusiasm. The benefits to me personally have been and continue to be huge. I am open to being contacted and will answer questions etc.’
( (Ms.) Bobby MacLaughlin, 33 Wellington Lane, Dublin 4, Ireland.
+353 1 668 0316

‘Co-counselling gave me a whole new way of looking at myself, and the co-counselling course itself had a huge impact: I realised that I have far more autonomy than I had ever thought.’
(Kristal Clark, Leeds)

‘I found co-counselling particularly helpful around the time of my mother’s death. It helped me to heal my relationship with her before she died, and to deal with the feelings that came up at that time and later.’
(Paul, Birmingham)

‘Recently a friend said to me: ‘having a baby – it’s the best thing I’ve ever done’, and I thought, is it the best thing I’ve ever done?… and the answer was ‘no’, because it wasn’t something I ‘did’, it was something that was in my heart all my life. Was it moving to Unstone? No, because others were involved and it was a process. It could well be doing a Fundamentals of Co-Counselling course and all that has passed in my Co-co life since then. All the growing and fun I’ve had in safe environments to take risks.’
(Bobby – not the Bobby mentioned above)

Co-counselling has undoubtedly changed my life in a big, big way. It’s made me self confident, self aware, assertive, emotionally expressive, exuberantly joyful, content, resilient, honest, given me more gorgeous friends than anyone has a right to have in their lives and some of the best hours/days/weeks of my life basking in their company, enabled me to tap into resources I never dreamed were in me, shown me how loving, intimate and connecting human beings can be, made me appreciate and celebrate my life and been a fantastic tool and resource on my journey. Long, long may it continue.’
(Jane McCardel, Glasgow)

‘Co-counselling has helped me cope with depression by helping me address inner conflicts and become more at ease with myself. My confidence has grown and I am more able to assert myself without losing my temper. I cope better with difficult situations, and I am much more sociable. Co-counselling has definitely helped me become more cheerful, more honest with myself and better able to respond creatively to life’s opportunities and challenges.’
(Nigel, Leeds UK.)’

‘Co-counselling really helped me in several ways; it assisted me in making contact with deeper, truer parts of me underneath my anxiety and fears; supported me in coming to terms with losses in my life; gave me some really useful skills in listening, communicating and relating to people; introduced me to some wonderful “real” people.’
(Dom, Edinburgh)

The co-counselling fundamentals course is an excellent introduction to the skills necessary for personal development work. Its really FAB!
(Paul, Leeds)

‘I have met lots of new people through co-counselling and its a great network to be part of.’
( Tamsin, Leeds)

‘Co-counselling has been the most positive step in my personal development in the last 10 years: it has helped to enable me to live my life to the full.’
(Anne McWatt)

‘Co-counselling has helped me to become more open, confident, expressive, assertive, loving and considerate.’
(Pascoe Hooper, Edinburgh)

‘Co-counselling has provided me with a culture to which I am more suited, where I can pursue my personal development.’
(Paul Davenport)

‘Co-counselling is one of the things that underpins my life. It helped me enormously on my personal journey and in understanding myself and other people.’
(Jo, Sheffield)