Assertiveness: Skills + Mindset

Do you want to expand your comfort zone?

  • Can you speak up in a group?
  • Do you sell yourself with impact, or with an apology?
  • Can you give and receive a compliment?
  • Do you stand tall and proud, when facing the world around you?
  • Can you treat the giving and receiving of criticism creatively, or is it a destructive process in your life?


  • Can you face someone who’s irritating without letting your annoyance spill out, uncontrolled?
  • Can you do things even though they feel risky?
  • When you are embarrassed, or angry, can you still function effectively?
  • Can you present yourself authentically?


  • Can you join in, even when you don’t know the ropes?
  • Do you make the most out of your life?
  • Can you let people see your weaknesses and still feel proud?
  • Can you fake confident body language, even if you are nervous?

I offer a programme of separate courses that are designed to help you broaden your self-confidence and ability to make an impact, know yourself better and take charge of your own life in a creative and empowered way. The courses currently on offer are all different and complement each other: you will get most benefit from doing all of them, but you can do just one or two of them if you wish. More information is at my site for confidence-building courses:


Times: 10.30am – 5.00pm
Date (It will be a Saturday): Please visit
Venue: Oakwood House, Office 6, 637 Roundhay Road, Oakwood, Leeds LS8 4BA
£95 if you are paying for your place out of your own funds.
£120 if your own business or your employer (or another sponsor) is paying for your place.


I prefer that you book by email, ( ) but you may book by phone (07984002495) if you prefer.

Please first be sure that:

  1. You are at least 18 years old.
  2. If you have any physical or mental impairments or disabilities, you have already let me know.

Please send me an email with the following information:

  • Tell me your name
  • Tell me your phone number
  • Tell me the name and date of the course on which you would like to have a place.

I will then send you an invoice by email.

Payment by direct bank transfer

On my invoice I will give you my account number, sort code, bank name and account name.

Payment by Paypal

Tell me you want to pay by Paypal and I will send instructions to you.

Payment by post

Send a cheque, payable to Richard Mills, to

Richard Mills
Oakwood House
Room 6
637 Roundhay Road

Joining instructions

Before the course I will send you joining instructions.


If you cancel your place more than six weeks before the course begins, I will refund all the money you have paid, less a £10 administration fee.
If you cancel your place less than six weeks before the course begins, I may refund you some money, but I won’t promise to do so.
In the unlikely event that I cancel the course you would receive a full refund of what you have paid, and I would give you as much notice as possible.