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Richard Mills | Counselling and Psychotherapy in Leeds with Richard Mills
Uncovering fear

Uncovering fear

‘Leap and the net will appear’ (John Burroughs 1837 – 1921) Believe it or not, when I was a kid and was afraid, I often didn’t know it!… I went to a co-counselling workshop in 1996 run by a woman called Margot. The workshop was called ‘Fear’. I think I only went along because I had a spare afternoon, so I wasn’t really expecting much to happen for me. My main pre-occupations were my lack of confidence, my embarrassment about getting intimate with people, my tendency to be spiky or impatient with people who pissed me off, my… (Well, I won’t go through the whole list here.) The thing is, I didn’t really think I had much fear. Well, the workshop took the lid off things. To be continued… 31 December...